Yorkshire Rose Dyslexia

Leeds Dyslexia Association was formed in 1987, as a non profit making organisation run by unpaid volunteers, made up of parents, teachers and others whose aim is to help people of all ages by providing information and support, and to promote the positive aspects of dyslexia. It later became Leeds and Bradford Dyslexia Association, LABDA, as we were covering both local authority areas.

This year sees the 30th anniversary of the Association, we are delighted that we are relaunching as Yorkshire Rose Dyslexia. We have over the years been joined by families and teachers from surrounding towns and cities and believe this is the time to reflect this fully in our new name which clearly covers any part of Yorkshire which does not have a BDA Local Association.

While continuing our existing services we are planning to cover even more areas of support. We are delighted that we have been joined by tutors and parents who over coming months will be planning events which will be directed at both teachers, parents and children.

If you would like to join us to either to offer some support or to be a member please contact us.


The aim of Yorkshire Rose Dyslexia is to offer support to parents of children who have dyslexia as well as try to help adults who may also be experiencing difficulties because of their dyslexia.


  • We have a helpline run by volunteers who offer support to parents who contact us when they have concerns regarding their children and think this may be due to dyslexia
  • We offer a befriending service to those needing support to get appropriate help for their children with dyslexia
  • We run a Computer Club where children from 8 years old learn to touch-type and basic word processor skills. This is the only service for which we make a charge
  • We produce Newsletters to let you know what we are doing and keep you up-to-date with the world of dyslexia


  • We arrange conferences for parents and teaching professionals who have any interest in dyslexia
  • We give talks to the public and professionals about dyslexia
  • We use the media to raise awareness of dyslexia at every opportunity.