Computer Club and Touch Typing

It is becoming more evident that Assistive Technology is of great benefit to dyslexic people and therefore the ability to type at an early age is extremely useful.  We do acknowledge that all pupils need to use handwriting but typing enables a pupil to produce more work, more easily, which is  much better presented.


The Computer Club based at Woodhouse Grove School, Apperley Bridge, BD10 0NR on Saturday was started in 1994 and has been running every year since then.  It takes place on Saturday mornings during school terms.  The programme we use is English Type which was developed and structured especially to help dyslexic children to learn to type.  Unlike in some other countries, such as Australia and America, where ‘keyboarding’ is taught universally in high schools, children are unlikely to be taught to touch-type at school. ‘The Government says it’s desirable, but it’s not a compulsory part of the curriculum, so most schools don’t offer touch-typing.’ 

Each year dozens of children come along and learn to touch type and below are some comments from the children.

I like learning to touch type because it helps me get my ideas on to paper quicker and I don’t have to worry about my spelling.

From Ava age 10 years


I like to come to computer club to learn to touch type because it will help me in high school, it will help with my writing and spelling.

Charlotte  age 10 years


I like to come to touch typing to meet children like me who are dyslexic, we talk, play and learn touch typing  together.

Benedict age 10 years


I think touch typing is a good skill to learn,  because when I go to high school it will help me to get my ideas on paper and it will look neat.

Leo age 9 years

Computer Club is run by volunteers and is aimed mainly at children from the age of 8 years old, but people of any age who wish to learn to touch type are very welcome.

This is the only service we offer where we ask that you become a member and we do make a charge to help cover the cost of hiring the IT suite at the school.

The cost per session is £5.00.

If you would like more information on availability and start days, call contact Jane by email at –

John Sutherland, professor of English literature at University College, says, ‘You want to put wings on the heels of your children? Teach them to touch-type. They’ll bless you for it.’