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Casting Call! Participate in a series of online shorts about disability and how non-disabled people can be better allies.

The production company TOAD has contacted Yorkshire Rose Dyslexia about a series of online shorts they are making for a major broadcaster about disability and how non-disabled people can be better allies.


Their short films are aiming to reach young adults in particular.  They are looking for people who have:
Episode 1: Cerebral palsy
Episode 2: Dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, and dyspraxia
Episode 3: IBD – Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis

They are looking for applications from people across the country and would like to know if any of our members in the 18 to 35 age range might be interested in featuring in these films.

For the people who appear in these online shorts, there will be a small loss of earnings fee to thank them for their contribution and time.  Filming will take place in a fully accessible studio in London mid-November (16th TBC) and all travel expenses will be covered for them.

Are you or do you know someone who would be interested? Apply at!


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ANND Webinar – Exploring Dysgraphia with Una Buckley

Welcome to our Exploring Dysgraphia FREE ANND webinar!

ANND are a non-profit coalition of dedicated organisations who are passionate about supporting our community.  ANND is the Adult Network: Neurodiversity and Dyslexia and we are comprised of Succeed with Dyslexia, Adult Dyslexia Centre, Yorkshire Rose Dyslexia Association and Hampshire Dyslexia Association.

We would like to invite you to our free, ANND webinar Exploring Dysgraphia with Una Buckley, this is a chance to find out more about Dysgraphia, but also a chance to ask our experts anything and everything about Neurodiversity!

When?   The session will be broadcast live on Teams on 26th October 2023, 7pm – 8pm (GMT)

How can I Join? Here is the link to join us on Teams:  Click here to join the meeting

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Adult Network: Neurodiversity and Dyslexia – Free support and advice for adults

We are very proud to announce that Yorkshire Rose Dyslexia, Succeed With Dyslexia, Hampshire Dyslexia Association and the Adult Dyslexia Centre have come together to create Adult Network: Neurodiversity and Dyslexia. ANND aims to offer FREE support and advice to our adult community.

Join us for our first FREE session with Adult Network: Neurodiversity and Dyslexia

Our first FREE session is 7pm (BST) on 28th September and is a chance to ask our experts Donna Stevenson, Sue Flohr MBE, Pat Payne and Sue McKenna. If you would like to register your place message us at:


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Yorkshire Dyslexia Festival – 2nd July 2022 Pudsey Civic Hall

We are delighted to announce that the long-awaited Yorkshire Dyslexia Festival is going to take place on Saturday the 2nd of July 2022 at Pudsey Civic Hall.

We have a great programme of speakers and Exhibitors, some of whom will be travelling to Yorkshire for the first time. See below a list of our talks:

  • – 10 Multi-sensory Learning Hooks by Dr Susie Nyman & Julie Clouter
  • – Magical Mind Map Movies by Dr Susie Nyman & Julie Clouter
  • – Dyscalculia and maths learning difficulties – what we know and what to do by Pete Jarrett
  • – Using Technology for Accessibility by Sammy White from TextHelp


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Webinar – Three Super Useful Ways To Help Manage The Anxiety Of A Child With Dyslexia by John Hicks – 07/09/2021

Presented for members of Yorkshire Rose Dyslexia, dyslexia specific therapeutic counsellor, John Hicks shares three super useful ways to manage the anxiety of a child with dyslexia. Parents attending this webinar will gain insights on how anxiety works with respect to dyslexia and three ways to bring about the reduction of their child’s anxiety.

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The Dyslexia Research Project 2021

Does spelling practice help children with dyslexia learn sight words?

We have once again been contacted by Leeds Uni to take part in their Dyslexia Research Project

From Leeds Uni – “Do you have a child aged 11-16 with a diagnosis of dyslexia? We are running an online study to see whether spelling practice can help young people with dyslexia learn words by sight so that they can read more fluently. The study will involve taking part in a video call where we quickly measure your child’s reading and spelling ability. After this we will give you a link to the online part of the study, where your child will learn some specially created novel words; their learning will be measured immediately after and then again after a delay of a few days.”

We are very pleased that Leeds Uni came to us for this study. It allows our members to have input into the current research.


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Educating Greater Manchester: “Schoolboy Realises Dyslexia is a Superpower and Not a Disability”

Year 7 Jacob feels different to everyone else because of his dyslexia. After talking to headteacher Mr. Povey, he realises that he doesn’t have a disability, but a superpower which will help him see the world in a unique way.

Source: Yearbook, Brand new series of Educating Greater Manchester returns on Tuesday 3rd of November at 9:15pm!

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Go Red for Dyslexia 2020!

We have heard today that we are lighting Leeds RED Monday 5th October to mark the start of Dyslexia Week!

Places lighting up –

  • City Hall
  • Bridgewater Place
  • Arena
  • Corn Exchange


Can you do something?

Ask your school to celebrate by wearing something RED
Share with everyone and watch the press for any events

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What is it like to have dyslexia? – by Martha

Martha is a student of our Typing Club and has created this presentation to talk about what it is like to have dyslexia and shared it with her class. We are really proud of Martha for talking about dyslexia and raising awareness in her school.


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